Incessantly Streamed Tracks of 2016 | #13: How It’s Done — Maren Morris

Photo by Ben Montemayor

The surface, per usual, is deceiving. It’s what separates soul from façade and it’s only human to continually struggle with superficial value judgments. It’s there daily when I raise my eyes to the mirror, double tap my phone screen for the thousandth time, or automatically laugh at a friends’ joke. Is it possible that the person I am when I’m giving a friend honest advice might balk at the person I am internally when I’m scrolling through my own feed? Probably. It’s true that there’s an ideal vision I have of myself that switches from conscious to unconscious with the swing of a mood or the completion of a goal. But what happens when that personal vision begins to seep into the cracks of someone else? Are the little things I dislike just a reflection of everything I’m self conscious about — a mirror to reveal my most vain tendencies? Might it be time to dig up some deep-rooted ideology, dust it off, and decide to face it head on?

Click. Restraint. Click. Repression. Click. Inhibition. Click. Maren Morris dispels with these guises within the first 10 seconds of “How It’s Done.” Mellow low-end notes accent a crisp percussed click that swirls with an echoing synth sample. It’s an undeniably catchy crossover between country and pop. I find it attractive when a woman takes control of a situation and initiates the tender thrill of give and take; Maren embodies that idea as her voice fluctuates between confident verses and a soaring chorus. This song is made for windows down, top of your lungs belting, highway driving and singing. If you have time, throw in some of your own introspection.