React Data Visualization — Adding Fill to a Line Chart

Brandon Morelli
Jul 20, 2017 · 2 min read

Edit: Kris got me intrigued. Just released a walk-through on how to build a clone of’s Bitcoin charts. Article is here.

Hey Kris, it’s actually a pretty easy fix. The reason editing the fill doesn’t work is because linechart_path isn’t actually a shape — it’s just a line.

So in order to get an area chart, we need to create a new path that is actually a shape — then we’ll be able to add fill and get the desired result.

Here’s a codepen showing the desired result:

We can add a new function named makeArea(). makeArea() will start out looking exactly the same as makePath():

makeArea() {
    const {data} = this.props;
    let pathD =
      "M " + this.getSvgX(data[0].x) + " " + this.getSvgY(data[0].y) + " ";, i) => {
      pathD += "L " + this.getSvgX(point.x) + " " + this.getSvgY(point.y) + " ";

Above, we create a pathD variable and use our data to create a line chart. So far the same. Now however, we’re going to append to our pathD variable to make it a shape:

pathD += "L " + this.getSvgX(this.getMaxX()) + " " + this.getSvgY(this.getMinY()) + " "
    + "L " + this.getSvgX(this.getMinX()) + " " + this.getSvgY(this.getMinY()) + " ";return <path className="linechart_area" d={pathD} />

We move from the last data point, to the bottom right of our chart, then to the bottom left of our chart! Now, when we add a fill color, it will work as expected.

Only thing left to do is return {this.makeArea()} and add some styles to our css:

.linechart_area {
  fill: #2ecc71;
  stroke: none;
  opacity: .4;

Hope this helps!


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