Artist Will Not be Silenced. We WILL RISE THE FUCK UP.

#Rant a’coming:

Let’s first start with the fact that the Hamilton cast didn’t “boo” or interrupt the performance-something that i have read by a few of the people who are upset at the ‘disrespect’ of Pence-the Audience did that, the people, and the people get the right to voice their displeasure, regardless of the venue. Pence is an elected public official, he WILL hear from US, every time chance we get. Trump & Pence are not Kings, and the Public will not pay deference to their politics of Hate.

Second, another theme i have been reading has been that people go to the theater to be entertained, not to be lectured to, and that actors/artists should just do their entertaining and leave politics alone. That’s absolute bullshit! There has NEVER been a time when Theater, in particular, and the Arts, in general, have been apolitical. Art is not just there for mindless consumption, entertainment, and if that is what you think drove Lin-Manuel Miranda and the artists who create and perform around the world to put together performances such as Hamilton, then you are ignorant of much of what constitutes an artist’s drive to create, perform, enact change.

Third, when you tell artists (and athletes), especially Black/Brown/LGTB artists and athletes, that they should shut up and entertain you, never speak up and disrupt the racist system of oppression that exist in this country, you are asking Us to be your minstrel show, your dancing monkeys, to be silent about our oppression, our pain, and to that I say: FUCK YOU.

We are NOT, will NOT, be silenced. We will not ‘entertain’ you and be Silenced by your power, bigotry, wealth, or fame. We will NOT allow white supremacists to govern without hearing from us OFTEN and LOUDLY. We WILL resist. We WILL RISE THE FUCK UP.

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