International Development in Dominican Republic & Haiti — Kairos & the Rhetorical Situation

International development supporting organizations are often non-governmental organizations such as CARE International whose main goal is to support families in poverty and has shown to have a high success rate in making a difference in developing countries. There are also a large number of organizations either supported or directly ran by government entities such as the United States Agency for International Development also known as USAID. USAID and the majority of government supported or endorsed agencies cover multiple aspect of international development; USAID does not only focus on improving underdeveloped countries’ economies but their education systems, food security, health, human rights, and government structures as well. Because international development happens to take place at a global level, for effective development work to be done it often takes the support or full fledge authority of a country’s government rather than the support of a single individual. That being said, individuals who support international development do exist International development professor Susan Pozo from the United Nations University has written articles and books breaking down economic development strategies used today by USAID in the Dominican Republic and Haiti on behalf of the United Nations. Overall, my favorite type of respected organization that supports international development falls under the category of non-governmental organizations and are known as missions. Missions and missionary work make international development something anyone interested can participate in. Furthermore, they also serve as an eye opener to a lot of people who are not fully aware to the extent in which poverty effects millions of people each day.

The methods and process in which fulling developing a country is achieved remains controversial and often unclear. Because there are many reasons why a country’s economy may be struggling, there is no single formula or steps to follow to achieve it that works every time. International development is a case by case study that requires people knowledgable of the region’s dynamics and culture for optimal results. In the case of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, organizations representing numerous countries within the United Nations employ people for international development work for both countries on the island. Due to the Dominican Republic and Haiti’s location being only a few hundred miles off the coast of Florida, chiefly the United States has taken the initiative in developing these countries’ major cities.There are strong power dynamics within international development. The money in development work lies with the non-governmental organizations, private contractors and rich countries supporting these development establishments in developing countries around the globe. When you apply for loan, sometimes you may not receive as much money as you might have needed or you might flat out get rejected. Much like financial organizations in the domestic economy, the same idea applies to the economy internationally in that often those with less money and less power in a financial agreement are more easily taken advantage or given the short end of the stick so to speak. Therefore, there is often a small disconnect between non-governmental organizations and what they agree to fund and what the developing country actually needs.