This is how it is possible for Bernie Sanders to still be sworn as President in January

Yep, I clicked on a similiar headline earlier this week.

The one I clicked on was this: Bernie Sanders Could Replace President Trump With Little-Known Loophole. The brilliance in it comes from finding out the author was writing about social media misinformation, not about about political anomalies that Bernie can utilize (which for a moment, I admit, made me a little sad).

Matt Masuer, who wrote the article, says:

Our social media sites have been flooded with misinformation in the past few months. While this has always been a problem, it now appears to have exploded over this election season. We are seeing post after post stating just plain illogical things and this is not a problem unique to any one side. Even more dangerous are the posts that don’t appear to be far-fetched until you dig into the details. The big problem with that… People don’t dig for the details.

There will be many people who clicked share on this post because of its headline. They may not even click to open the story. They will never actually read these words. Ironically these are the folks who need to hear it the most.

You are can read his whole article HERE, and I‘d encourage you to do so.

It is hard to choose which is most disheartening: that there have been so many conspiracy theory posts going around the last year or that so many bought into them hook, line and sinker.

Be wise in what you read friends.

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