World is a lie ruled by liar
Tony Colombo

Although true, there must be a glimpse of hope somewhere, is there not?

I think we just need to learn to filter the bullies out of the system, it’s better in places where respect and human values have traditionally been more nourished over power/money. I’m not really concerned as I’m pretty sure that when the bottom is reached, people will eventually wake up and a new hope will emerge.

Most western democracies no longer serve the people they were were supposed to serve because the system is just to easy to corrupt just because corporations have so much money and can afford to buy half the votes of a senate, parliament or House of Commons. It’s time to consider more direct ways of democracy like Participative Democracy since corporations simply can’t afford to buy 50% of the population… wouldn’t be lucrative! :)

We have the technological means and all bills/laws could be placed for civilian vote for the period of a month in their local post-office or local gov branch.

Corruption generates more corruption. But corruption only rules when sovereignty is completely lost. We are getting closer and closer to it, and the signs are here, extreme views parties/leaders are getting elected or close to due to population being fed up with supposedly more moderate parties that are more and more corrupt at every passing day.

But where’s there’s will, there’s hope! :)

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