Be a dark horse.

Ignore the norm and pursue the impossible.

“The dark horse’s goal isn’t to win — it’s to pursue the impossible, which having the chance to do so is a win unto itself.” -John Maeda

People who’s goal is to win never leave the comfort of the path. They stay in the system that is in place. What is known. The norm.

They get so good at playing the game. Practice on top of practice. They stay within the confines of the rules. They don’t wander off. They are focused. Their vision is narrow. They never discover what they are capable of. They never discover the opportunities that lie ahead of them. They never discover what is next.

Don’t aim to win.

Be a dark horse.

Their goal is to pursue the impossible.

They shake things up. They disrupt what is known. They shatter our senses of the game. Their vision isn’t narrow, because they aren’t focused on winning; they’re venturing off to discover what is new. They know they must leave the comfort of what is in place, because they desire to do something that has never been done.

They work harder than anyone has ever seen. They must hustle. They must push themselves to the edge of what they believe is possible, and then when they fall down, they must get up and push even further. Their heart and soul are connected to their cause, so they will not give up.

They don’t care about “winning” this game that society has constructed. All they care about is pursuing the impossible.

Because that is all they know.

That is the only thing that makes them feel alive.

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