Everything around you affects you.

You cannot solve your problems alone.

“There is a myth, sometimes widespread, that person need only do inner work, in order to be alive like this; that a man is entirely responsible for his own problems; and that to cure himself, he need only change himself… The fact is, a person is so far formed by his surroundings, that his state of harmony depends entirely on his harmony with his surroundings.”
— Christopher Alexander, The Timeless Way of Building

In order to live in harmony. To live happy. To live in peace. To live the life that you want to live. You cannot get to there by yourself.

You cannot get to that life, by just making changes about yourself.

Too much else goes into life.

People. Relationships. Who you meet. Who you interact with each day.

Strangers. Friends. Family. Colleagues. People you love. Everyone.

To where you work. To where you live. To where you wander.

Everything you see and everything you sense.

It all goes into this mold. This mold of life. Your life.

You must open your eyes and open your heart to change.

Open it to the world. To your surroundings.

I’m finally at a place that I can call home. I love my work. I love this city. I love everyone I interact with. Every single day.

I am happy.

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