Find an enemy.

Every brand story has a protagonist and an antagonist.

“Without tension, no one pays attention.”

Down to their core, every business is a story.

It’s how people connect to them.

But for the story to grow and reach an audience, the story has to be great.

The story needs action. It needs conflict.

It needs struggle. It needs emotion and everything that fills in the gaps along the journey. In order for people to continue following the story, there must be something that keeps grabbing their attention.

That is where the antagonist comes in. That is where the enemy is.

Competition drives innovation. It drives you to do better. It forces you to create great work. Without the enemy, you will get complacent. It causes you to slow down. To make stuff that’s only good.

Good is not enough if better is an option.

An enemy creates conflict. An enemy forces you to create great work. An enemy leads to your story continuing to be written. An enemy allows you to grow.

Find an enemy. Enhance your story.

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