It’s not just about the hustle.

Yesterday, I wrote Hustle. Hustle. Hustle.

I lied.

It isn’t all about the hustle.

Hustle is important, but in actuality, it is only one part.

There is so much more. Hustle is only one part of the equation.

You need motivation.

You need inspiration.

You need emotion.

You need people. You need others.

You need love. You need soul. You need life.

You need to explore. To wander. To get lost. To discover where you are going.

You need time to laugh. Time to enjoy life. Time to enjoy the small things. And the big picture.

You need to paint the vision.

You need a reason. You need a purpose. A why.

You see, hustle is only one part of the equation.

Don’t hustle everything out of your life.

All you’ll be left with is hustle.

Hustle without everything else, isn’t anything. There is no purpose hustling somewhere, when there is nothing there for you.

That isn’t living. That isn’t a life at all. It’s nothing.

Don’t let hustle kill you.

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