Shortcuts and deep pits.

Assumptions push us forward at the beginning, but can end us down the line if we aren’t careful.

“What do you know, that you know isn’t true?”

It seems like a simple question at first. But then you think for a second, and in actuality, you will realize that this question is what will either drive you forward in your work or will have everything come crashing down.

We all make assumptions. In our work. In what we do. In life.

We make assumptions so that we can move on. So that we can take shortcuts. So that we can gain traction, fast. Every startup has to. Every person who has ever had an idea has had to at one point.

Sometimes it works.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

We brush it off, and continue moving on.

Eventually we need to stop and think about these assumptions.

Take time to stop at work. In life. What assumptions are you making? What do you know, that you know is not true?

Is it an assumption that you put on a customer? On a product? On a process? It could be anything. It works at the time, but as it carries on and you continue basing decisions on these assumptions, you will dig a pit that may be too deep to climb out of.

These assumptions are things that we have to examine and explore. The insights and information that we know are not true, but we carry forward and make decisions on that faulty information anyway. We can never know 100% of anything, but we still need to explore and continue gathering insights and knowledge to get one step closer to being more accurate.

The more insights that you gather, the more you will know about your customer, your product, your work, and the future paths that you can walk.

So, I will ask you, what do you know, that you know isn’t true?

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