This election is proof of institutionalized sexism in America.

Just imagine for a minute.

You are a job interviewer.

You are tasked with picking the next CEO of your company. A company that you have worked at for your entire life. You love this company.

You have two candidates. Two interviews.

One candidate is the most experienced person for this job that you have ever seen. You know her well, since she’s been doing everything she can, for her entire life, to help this company. She’s made a few mistakes in the past, but who hasn’t. Those who take risks in order to move forward are going to fail a few times. But each time she has stumbled, she has rose up. She has gotten stronger. She has risen, in order for your company to rise up.

She listens to each and every employee and stakeholder, so that she can help them, and not just the stockholders. She understands that it is not the stockholders that matter, but that it is the employees, the customers, and society that truly matter.

Everyone knows that she would be a great choice for the position.

Then there is the other candidate.

This candidate was actually just some random stranger (I don’t intend to insult random strangers. I’m sure that most random strangers out there are actually well meaning people, and not all are idiot, rascist, sexist, filled with hate, con artists.) that was walking along the street one day and came across this job application. This candidate said, “Heck, why not give this thing a try. If anything, it will get me more attention”.

The only past experience on this candidates resume is “Inherited everything I own from my father” and “Pretend businessman”. Everything he has ever touched in his life has burned and crumbled down to nothing.

This candidate comes strolling into the interview an hour late, and you can tell that he clearly did not prepare at all.

He starts it off by insulting every single employee that works for your company. He insults the history of your company. He insults everything that your company stands for and everything that it has built. He insults everything that you are doing, and then he offers no plan to change it.

He even admits to scamming and stealing from your company for years.

He then says he is going to scale down your business and refuse to serve millions of your customers, just because he doesn’t understand them. He says that if he gets this position, he will jail everyone that stood in his way.

To top it off, before he leaves, he claims he is the smartest and best person out there, and he then tries to feel you up.

You see, it is a simple choice.

We face a simple choice.

We can either hire one of the most experienced candidates in history. Or we can hire an idiot, sexist, racist, piece of shit, moronic, sad excuse for a human being.

One will ensure that our company thrives. One will ensure that it crumbles into nothing.

It is not a hard choice. It really isn’t. In fact, it is the easiest choices you have ever faced. We’d be idiots to think this was a difficult choice in any way.

What makes it hard is the institutionalized sexism that has ruled our society for far too long. Some people believe these two candidates are equal. Some even believe that the second candidate is the better option.

And it’s up to us to change that. Come November, and every day until election day, it is up to us to help Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton break one of the biggest glass ceilings in America. Maybe then, we can help to break up this institutionalization of sexism that has haunted America for far too long. It’s up to us.

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