Turn ideas into magic. It’s simple.

The key to turning great ideas into magic is that you must discuss and share them with others. If you keep them bottled up inside, you won’t discover anything; the ideas need room to grow.

Austin Kleon’s Secret To The Internet:
Step 1: Wonder at something.
Step 2: Invite others to wonder with you.
“If everybody’s wondering about apples, go wonder about oranges.”

Find a topic that interests you. Find something that speaks to the heart of your inner child. Something that lights your curiosity on fire.

Something that no-one else is wondering about. Something that you believe needs to be looked at. Something that needs to be decoded.

Now go forth and wonder about it.

Once you start wondering about it, once you start questioning whatever it is that you are pondering, invite others. Share your thoughts. Invite their thoughts. Have a discussion.

Wonder together.

From this, great ideas begin to turn into magical, awe-inspiring visions.

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