You don’t have to do anything.

I overheard a conversation earlier today. One person was complaining. They were complaining that they “have” to go to this presentation later. They “have” to finish this paper. They “have” to do so and so, and etc. etc.

You don’t “have” to do anything.

You choose to do what you want to do.

No one is forcing you.

You make your days.

You divide up your time.

You set your calander.

You write the screenplay of your life.

You are the architect of your life.

You are the one that lives your life.

No one else does.

So don’t say you have to do anything, because you don’t.

You do what you do. Don’t try to put that decision or reasoning on someone else. Own it. Own your schedule. Own your day. Own your life.

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