Social Media: Does it help or hinder relationships?

While pondering the ideas of what to write about for this blog, I brainstormed an idea that is also a current issue in our world of technology today. Social media has many affects on just about everything, whether it is good or bad. One of the main things that social media affects is relationships. An article I found gives some opinions on this topic and if social media makes you more likely to cheat.,amp.html.

In today’s dating world, all you need is a smartphone to access apps and websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. In the article I linked above states, “For people who are morally willing to and motivated to, social media offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage in unfaithful behavior”. This could be scary for some people who have partners with cheating histories. Social media offers many opportunities for temptation to creep in. The article also stated, "Social media seems to have added fuel to the fire of infidelity”.

We base someone’s relationship status off of their Instagram posts, their tweets, and whether it says “single” or “in a relationship” on their Facebook profile. This age of dating is so shallow that if someone doesn’t post a picture every week of their significant other, they are all of a sudden labeled as not dating anymore. Our generation is constantly glued to their phones and on social media 24/7. We are always checking in to see what people are doing and soaking in every detail of their lives. It is easy to see if someone is in a new relationship or if there was a dramatic break-up. Usually, if two people have been together for a long period of time and you notice that they have deleted all pictures of their significant other, then we can probably assume they have called it quits. This is how fast rumors and gossip spread. We can easily jump to conclusions about other peoples lives that we don't have the full story about.

As I scroll down my Instagram feed, I am bombarded with male and female models that get thousands of likes. This can stir the pot for some relationships if someone’s significant other is caught “liking” someone else’s pictures or selfies. Instagram has a feature that records who likes what picture in chronological order. This makes it very easy for people to spy on their significant others.

Some people may think this is silly, but this is the honest reality of our dating society today. Social media opens countless numbers of doors for cheating or dishonesty between partners. You can easily “slide into someone’s dm’s” (direct messaging) without your partner knowing. Every application offers direct messaging to who ever you want. This leaves an open invitation to communicate with anyone. If you have a smartphone, you can easily download dating apps that introduce you to hundreds of people at the touch of a button. According to, 42% of people using the dating app, Tinder, already have a partner. That’s almost half of Tinder’s users.

Every app also offers the feature to delete your history. If you have things on your account that would upset your significant other, deleting your tracks is no problem. Some people take advantage of these aspects of social media and do things behind their partners back. After researching shocking statistics of how many people cheat via social media, it makes me question what is so wrong with our generation and why is it so hard to stay loyal?

As social media becomes more popular among people, the cheating rates will continue to rise. Social media is loved for being so convenient to contact and connect with people, so some users take advantage of it for the wrong reasons.

Jealousy is also a factor that affects relationships. Social media exposes you to millions of pictures of people who are portrayed to be perfect or have perfect bodies. This could make some people insecure about themselves, especially if they have a partner who likes or follows people who post pictures of this nature. This can lead into deeper issues within the relationship. As a female, it is easy to compare yourself to people you might see online and wish you looked different. Being insecure about yourself in a relationship stems from factors of social media. Insecurity can cause issues to arise such as always thinking your partner is “checking out” other people or overreacting if they follow someone of the opposite sex.

If social media has severe affects on your relationship and is hindering it, then delete it. This is a fast and easy way to solve any issues you and your partner may have when it comes to social media.

Although there are many negative affects of social media, there are positives too. Connecting over social media can be seen as beneficial to relationships. Some couples bond over things they may send each other through social media. The internet is a great way to meet and communicate if you are looking for a significant other. Between all of the apps and dating sites, meeting someone is made very easy for people looking to date.