I know you don’t want more month at the end of the money…

When someone tells you that you have potential — you should run — fast — and far away from them and from that notion. WHY? because they are essentially describing you as a battery. A battery has potential power — it has a lot of juice in it. The unfortunate thing is that it cannot work by or for itself. It needs something to spark that energy within it. Knowledge is not power — it is potential power. If whatever action you take does not work, then you learn quickly, you fail or fall forward (Lisa Nichols) — learning and changing strategies as you go along — don’t sit on information like a battery.

Be the spark, be the action, move — do something. And learn as you move ahead. Yesterday is already gone — time is moving — you can never get it back. What’s your action plan around finances today, around your relationships, around your life as a whole? What is your life vision, your mission and what are your values?

Don’t be a battery, collecting dust, heavy, not moving, sitting on information and the talent that each and every one of you has. Find the habits that make you turn all that energy, all that brilliance in you, into something meaningful for your life. Be the spark!

Looking at past topics that I have engaged in on various platforms — it’s not so much about the actual topics — but about the habits. Let’s take finances for example. The discussions around finances are not so much about the money that you have — but adopting the habit of saving and investing. Because even when you start earning $100,000 a month, if you don’t have the habit of saving — you will always find something to spend that money on, and still be broke before the end of the month. You don’t want more month at the end of the money (as said by Anthony Robbins). Wouldn’t you much prefer more money at the end of the month?

Let’s adopt healthy habits in preparation for more abundance; let’s be grateful and nurture what we have now, so that we create a fertile space for more abundance; let’s work with the different systems that are at our disposal in ways that work for us and let’s not only continually look for knowledge and wisdom, but let’s be the spark that makes us move Only you, in your unique brilliant individual selves, knows what sparks your life — so light it up! Enjoy your life and design it to be what you want it to be.

Let’s have intelligent and action oriented discussions: What systems can you work with to design the liyfe ou want right now? How can you start making the most of all that you currently have? Let’s brighten the focus of our vision, both in eyesight and in insight so that we can live our best lives :)

I look forward to more conversations in this regard

Lots of love


ps: if you would like an audio recording of the above, do email me at bmutedzi@gmail.com and I will send it through.