Shave is Important? When You Go For a Date

Guys, check out how to look attractive. You want to learn how to get a haircut, and comb your hair when you go for a date. How to achieve the purest skin and when shaving, how to cook a breath before the kiss, etc. Do not underestimate the importance of this step!

Do girls like a beard?

There are studies that suggest that women are crazy about facial hair in men. The purpose of research Northumbria University was to find links between the beard and other vegetation on the man’s face and his sexuality for women . We determined parameters such as attractiveness, masculinity, as well as the desire to dominate.

Computer method was modeled somewhat average male faces, each of which was presented in the following versions: gladkovybritoe person face c light stubble to stubble, with a small beard and full beard.

What’s sexier — a beard or stubble?

According to the study, men with a beard girls seem “brutal” courageous, more appropriate for a serious relationship. Men with no vegetation on his face seemed young and less courageous. Maybe it’s time to grow a beard ?

The highest level of preference received male face with a neat beard. Women felt that the light stubble is the most attractive, and its owner is ideal for short novels, and for a serious relationship.

The most important step

The desire to grow a full beard — an important stage of growing up of every man. The presence of facial hair can change not only the image, making it more brutal, but also visually adjust the shape of the skull, concealing or emphasizing details.

If you decide to score a beard is the most important period will be the first three to four weeks — you have to let his hair grow without interference, without trying to cut them. To choose the style of beard future, it is important to understand what you’re dealing with.

What beard style choose?

Choosing the right style of your beard depends on two factors: the shape of the skull and the type of your hair. Blonde is usually more difficult to grow a beard, dark hair than — their hair is more delicate and rare — but they are easier to maintain in a neat beard final form.

After four weeks without shaving proceed to the formation of a beard, neatly trimming its trimmer and scissors. The main factors will be the definition of medium length and thickness of the bristles, exactly like reference height hairline on the neck and cheeks.

How to impress girls with beard style

Almost all the girls love men with beards. To some they seem sexy, someone inspire more confidence, someone seen good souls, and someone does believe that “a man without a beard — not a man.” Apparently, men have felt the good mood — today it is fashionable to wear a beard, and salons that specialize in putting in order of facial hair, thrive even in a crisis . What is the phenomenon of fashion.

Facial Treatments for Men

Men’s skin is approximately 25–30% thicker and denser than women’s — this is the main reason that wrinkles and other age-related changes in the man’s face appear later, and natural aging women look 10–15 years older than men of similar age. Men will we groomed with good techniques with using products like Dovo, Merkur, Edwin Jagger Shaving products.

Moreover, if to maintain youthful female half of humanity needs an arsenal of cosmetic procedures and expensive moisturizers, the majority of men of 40–50 years sufficient to correct the regular cleansing and sunscreen .

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