Shaving with the products of Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger

England is in my country of traditions and also when it comes to men’s grooming. Shaving is a big thing in England and that they take very seriously. Tradition’s terms of products and brands from father to son. Edwin Jagger is a family business where they make beautiful care and currently selling around the world. Edwin Jagger is a brand for the entire shaving. They sell pre-shave cream to the razor. I received a wide range of products to reviewing the blog.

My products from Edwin Jagger

Pre-Shave Lotion Edwin Jagger , a good pre-shave cream really should not be missed in a good shaving ritual. Pre-shave cream Edwin Jagger is very fresh and gives a cooling effect. The smell is also very pepermuntig, myself find him anything in terms of odor. I am the more subtle scents because the creams are often softer in smell, it is a shame if the pre-shave prevails. The substance is very tasty, not greasy but thick and sturdy enough to make a good protective layer.

Traditional Shaving Soap Edwin Jagger , I got two scents to review the Aloe Vera and Sandalwood. Where can I pre-shave found to be strong again this just a little too subtle in terms of odor. Especially when barber I give my clients a relaxed experience and smell here is very important to, so it’s handy if there is a good smell to sit. The shaving soap should get ready with a brush, and this he did very well, I got a very nice and full of foam. So the key point of the soap does a good job.

Premium Shaving Cream Edwin Jagger , for the men who do not brush or unwilling to soap this cream a solution. A drop in the brush and foaming, or with fingers on the face application. I especially liked the smell of Limes & Pomegranate, now slightly too subtly but very enjoyable. The cream is rich and very pleasant to apply. A good replacement for the soap but I like barber will not choose cream because it is a compromise between time constraints and quality and I think it’s taking time to key while shaving.

Moisturising Aftershave Lotion Edwin Jagger, a very pleasant lotion that I really think is a must. The smell of aloe vera is perfect subtle and a nice soapy smell remains. The lotion cools and you immediately feel him take care of the skin and withdraw. A light layer behind that absolutely does not feel greasy. For men with sensitive skin, this product is a godsend.

All producers of the review are made with natural products and free of parabens.