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Businesses and entrepreneurs have existed long before the early dot com explosion or the birth of multi-billion internet companies like Google and Apple, but traditional entrepreneurs still can’t ignore the level of scale, automation, and leverage that the internet has given tech companies.

As of 24 February 2020, there were just 5 trillion-dollar companies in the world, and 4 out of the 5 were tech giants.

The outsider is the oil company Saudi Aramco that was founded in 1933, long before we created the web browser. We should also note that the oldest company on this list after Aramco is Apple, which was founded in 1976 (that’s 43 years apart).

So evidently, we can see that tech entrepreneurs have an advantage of lightning speed and customer reach traditional businesses can only dream about. This has given rise to startup explosions, and the creation of different tech ecosystems in many parts of the world. All leveraging the internet.


Over the years, there’s the perspective that tech businesses are things that are exclusive for tech nerds, which in reality is not entirely far away from the truth. For instance, it’s not possible to build a tech company like AirBnB if you know nothing about designing or have any technical programming skills to build it.

You could try to run a manual AirBnB, but that’ll take a ton of employees, physical onboarding, and users that would have to interact through a brick-and-mortar shop. If done properly, this would mean that you are successfully running a less scalable business with cumbersome processes.

So even if you have a killer idea and you can run a company successfully, you wouldn’t be able to implement the idea as a tech company. So you could either hire a ton of developers, UX researchers, UI designers, project managers, brand designers to build your company from scratch. You could decide to visit an expensive agency or just come to us instead.

Introducing BMVP

BVMP (Building Minimum Viable Products) is a product studio that helps non-technical founders build MVPs for their tech companies fast. When building a company, tech or not, you need to test the market and find product-market fit. To do all of that, you need your product in your customer’s hands. That’s what we give you.

We take your idea, brainstorm about it, create a suitable brand, design the user experience and implement it, and give you a product all in record time. Using shared resources, we have the advantage and experience of having built multiple products from scratch in the past. This allows us to be faster and build the version of your MVP that’s best for you.

BMVP For Companies

We also help big companies experiment with their ideas and build them out. Bigger companies sometimes have ideas to build products along different verticals than they would usually build for. So they either hire or delegate a team of developers, UX researchers, UI designers, project managers, brand designers to implement theirs ideas, which is expensive. Or they could just come to us. These companies get to hire a single reliable entity to build out these ideas instead of spending time and energy hiring for multiple roles.

Interested in BMVP? Kindly visit our website to book a call and let’s turn your ideas into products —

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