Nice affiliate market link, sigh.

Well, the thing is, I wrote this post as basically something I assumed that only me, my friend who tweeted the question, and maybe 3 other people would read. I said very clearly in it that this is just an offhand post, and I’m shocked that it has 1000 reads right now, most of my quick posts on here get maybe 6 reads. I had already DM-ed Mark mentioning a couple of places and I said “hey I guess if you go with Digital Ocean use my affiliate link”, then he said “I actually have a hostgator account I’m not using” and I said “oh yeah definitely go with that!”.

So yeah, honestly if I thought that people would actually READ this article, I would have mentioned there’s an affiliate link in there, but I’ll say this: I’m not shilling — I like the company, I use the company, and while I like Linode just as much, DO is set up to make setting up a Wordpress instance VERY easy, so they’re the natural recommendation.

But anyhow, yeah if anyone reads this: There are 2 affiliate links in the article, but I stuck them in because I was going to link those sites ANYWAY, and both of them have automatic built-in referral programs for their customers, so why not.

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