Ser Wong Fun Restaurant: a family run business since 1886 which moved to Cochrane Street in 1989.
| Golden Phoeonix Grill Restaurant since 1969 | Fook Lam Moon Restaurant since 1972 |
A comparison of the way the glass tubing can be used to form characters. The first image shows the tubing being used as outlining and shading, it appears to be neater and made by a more experienced craftsman in comparison to the second image which shows the tubing being used as single strokes. There is a lack of calligraphic style in its characters and appears to be have made by a less experienced craftsman.
The HSBC Building. The cost of the light installation is estimated to be HK$5.5 million.
International Commerce Centre Valentines Day LED Light Show.




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Brian Nguyen

Brian Nguyen

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