Texting and Walking

Before we begin, please watch the video here or →https://youtu.be/h9fNeavKkWc

Texting and Walking, a PSA by Brent Napoleon

Now that you’ve seen the video here’s the explanation: (below)

Today we are surrounded by hundreds of people entertaining themselves through their cell phone activities; texting, snapchat, instagram, facebook and twitter to name a few. It’s gotten to the point where people are so involved within their activities it is a hazard to those around, if you’re not careful you could run into somebody or worse…This is how the idea came to be.

My father and I were talking one afternoon after I almost collided into someone on the street who was too focused on their phone to pay attention; we thought it would be funny to do a spoof on texting and walking and the idea was born. Immediately we started brainstorming and knew we needed to create a short video about the dangers of texting and walking… and it evolved from there. This all came to be before Pokemon Go but with this revival the timing was right. All of a sudden a real threat of danger occurred, our friends were trying to catch imaginary characters which in turn was causing 3 car pile ups and real fatalities. We now had a chance to save someone’s life by bringing awareness to the subject and do it in a way that’s playful but serious. We did some research and found a small community of people doing similar works, some about social impact and how to text properly. All of this was adding to the idea and we finally decided to start shooting. It just happen to be the week this year’s interns were coming on board and we thought it would be the perfect project for us to work together.

All the elements really started to come together, the VFX & 3D phones were created by MinSoo Kang & Jessica Brown (two of Napoleon’s Summer interns), sound design by Napoleon’s audio engineer Sal Buscaiano, original music by a friend, Ryan Knock of Knock It Out Music, the voice over; a top engineer at Youtube, Warren Reid. All of our actors are up and coming talent, which we scored from Jennifer Hunt, Napoleon’s casting director.

The 90 second short takes us through three “playful” human on human crashes where we had only one take to get the crash perfect due to our tight budget. One after another all the crashes came together under the direction of Mike Almodovar and myself. Mike being the Director of Photography and Co-Director of the piece, he was also the lead editor. It was all coming together, a real opportunity to create some positive social impact through The Napoleon Group.

We were looking to wrap up the project but we were missing one key element so I called up the world renowned Robert Leung (Semi Retired Art Director for Grey Advertising turned Life Coach) who came up with the brilliant line “Texting on Impact” which is the campaign’s name. Similar to DUIs’, “driving under the influence,” our texting “TOIs” will be a way to bring awareness to the millions of americans walking around crashing into things. The #TEXTINGONIMPACT is a 100% original hashtag which we will initiate to track the impact of the campaign. We didn’t even scratch the surface of the dangers of texting and driving and we didn’t want to. The hashtag campaign to follow will be our way for the audience to get involved, people could submit POV style shorts of their friends caught texting and walking and not paying attention. Also it’s an opportunity to set the tone of etiquette. There was an interesting short film done by Casey Neistat — (http://www.nytimes.com/video/opinion/100000001269189/texting-while-walking.html) — The video shows the appropriate ways to text while on the go and that video was picked up by The New York Times.

In the end we took the original short and decided it would be effective to have a full campaign with five versions: One: 90 second, One: 60 second and Three: 30 second pieces. All and all we would be happy if people were to watch this video and have a little more awareness into their own lives, and, as our tagline says, “don’t be a victim of a Texting on Impact.” #TEXTINGONIMPACT

“The greatest outcome I see coming out of this is if we actually save some lives and we don’t even know about it. That would be a job well done… No news, just a better quality of life.”

Brent Napoleon


Concept by Brent Napoleon

Produced and Directed by Brent Napoleon and Mike Almodovar

Special Thanks to Marty Napoleon — Founder / Chief Creative of The Napoleon Group

Napoleon Texting & Walking Crew:

Stephanie Stadler — Production Assistant — Editor

Jessica Brown — Graphic Designer

Min Kang — Director of Visual Effects — Compositor

Gabe Cedes — Assistant Compositor — PA

Tre Lawrence — Illustrator — Creative

Michael Rootare — 3D — PA

Ross Kelly — 3D — PA

Carmine Indelicato — 3D — PA


Original Compositions: Ryan Nach of Knock It Out Music

Sounds Effects: Sal Buscaino — Sound Design

Creative Advisors:

Robert Leung

Steven Block

Casting Advisor:

Jennifer Hunt


Ramona Tim Kee — Rear Ended Women

Abraham Hsu — Coffeed Intern

Latoya T. Duncan — Snapchat Women

Keith Stone — Instagram Man

Matthew Orloff — Cake Dude

Teresa Morrison — Texting Women

VOICE OVER: Warren Reid

Napoleon Groupies:

Jen Bazin — Human Resources Director

Paul Como — Engineer

Michelle David — Junior Project Manager

Matthew Gendron — Creative Director — Content

Angela Gianforcaro — Head of Production

Chloe Gilbert — Junior Project Manager — Art

Zach Hyer — Editor / Compositor

Jack Joshi-Powell — Creative Director — Test

Spiro Kafarakis — Chief Operating Officer

Sonia Kim — Controller/Director of Finance

Ken Kresge — VP / Executive Creative Director

Tonia Letang — Facility Coordinator / Receptionist

Maciek Maciak — Director Of Technology

Norman Morales — Creative Director — Art

Perry Morton — Executive Producer

Ryan Robinson — Programmer

Annabel Salmon — V.P. / Executive Operations Director

Craig Schoenbaum — Project Manager

Scott Stein — Head of Operations — Art

Andre Sutherland — Editor / Compositor

Mark Yagos — 3D Generalist