Stake Capital & BSO Announce Partnership to Deliver State-of-the-Art Blockchain Staking Services for Investors

Stake Capital ( is partnering with BSO (, a $70M in revenue annually to provide highly secure and available delegation services on behalf of investors. Using BSO’s renowned global server infrastructure, Stake Capital is providing delegation services for the fastest growing proof-of-stake networks. These blockchain networks offer a new and emerging opportunity for investors to provide cryptocurrency capital and subsequently receive interest on their investments as their tokens continually help secure the network.

BSO Services

As an innovative and fast growing company, Stake Capital is delivering a variety of delegation services for proof-of-stake networks (here), enabling investors to participate in validator governance and collect interest rates ranging from 5% — 45% annually. 

Using the Stake Capital platform and its digital assets custodian, institutional investors are able to quickly and securely manage their crypto investments — easily viewing insights and analytics about how their investments are compounding annually through staking and lending.

Why BSO?

Building on top of BSO’s award-winning dedicated hosting, BSO provides Stake Capital with hardware security module (HSM) support. This HSM hardware is connected directly to the BSO dedicated servers and enables signing of blockchain transactions completely offline — the highest possible level of security for Stake Capital’s validation servers.

BSO also equips Stake Capital with direct connections to the infrastructure of both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

Stake Capital is leveraging these global cloud platforms to achieve maximal uptime, redundancy and availability across all proof-of-stake networks. BSO’s ability to provide direct connectivity to both AWS and GCP means that Stake Capital’s dedicated servers can communicate with extremely low latency (without using the public internet).

Stake Capital Servers

Due to the sensitive nature of proof-of-stake validation services, security and uptime are of the utmost importance. Given that BSO provides 99.99% availability, in addition to facilitating strict environmental and security specifications, BSO is the ideal partner for enabling Stake Capital’s reliability assurances.

If you require any further information, delegation advice, custodian services etc, feel free to contact us (