Seize the Day

When the weather isn’t raining, you go outside and you do all the things. Every single thing you can. Beautiful weather in London is magical and I will never sit inside when the weather is nice because it is such a wasted opportunity. Today, I wanted to cover some serious ground in exploring and I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen, but oh man, it happened. I was out from 12–6pm and to say the least, we walked way over an hour in total. I finally saw the Big Ben and London Eye. I joked with my friend that we had the perfect first date.

First, we met at Saatchi Museum.

Regardless of the topic, whenever I see yellow and blue I always think, Go Blue!
My worst nightmare…a room of hair.

Beautiful paintings. Surreal.

Reverse tourism haha.

After the museum, we went to Manicomio. This was seriously the best scone I have ever eaten in my entire life. Nothing can compare to this scone. Just writing about this is making me wanting to eat it right now. It was delicious and perfect with a cup of tea.

I need to go back sometime. I highly recommend you try it out for yourself!

We felt refreshed after this break and decided to make our hour long trek to the Tate Modern.

Harry says, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY S!”

In honor of one of my best friend’s 21st birthday, I had to take a picture of this! She is obsessed with him (still don’t get it…). Every day I am so glad I met her in college because she has instantly enhanced it. I miss her and wish she were here because she would love London. She is perfect and I can’t wait to live together senior year.

This random artist was doing spontaneous art on the shore. It was awesome and I actually ended up chatting with him for a bit. He was really friendly and apparently he had been working on this since 9am. We saw him at 5pm. He said that London was the place to be for creatives and that he actually did a lot of things including animation.

The Big Ben is actually not as overrated as I thought it was going to be. It was actually beautiful and overwhelming. I am obsessed with the little details. I wish it wasn’t located in such a busy area so that I could have appreciated the beauty more, but nevertheless, it was worth visting.

We reached the London Eye at the PERFECT moment, minutes before sunset, but they were closed for construction. It was very upsetting, but I guess we will just have to go back another time. Even though it is overpriced, I think it is worth doing once in your life.

Probably over an hour later because of our extreme ADD, we reached the Tate Modern!

Photobombed by an adorable kid.

These prints were made by a woman who lived to be 100 years old. She made these large scale prints in the last few years of her life. That is amazing.

She is like the Jiro of printmaking (Jiro dreams of sushi)! Maybe I won’t end up as a renown designer, but I want to be designing until I literally die and become a true master in the field. I love the idea of being so in love with your work that you never want to stop.

I never thought I would be the one to suggest walking for an hour instead of finding a quicker way, but honestly, we weren’t even tired until about 6pm. At 6pm we were pretty much done for the day. It was a beautiful stroll and a beautiful day.

The more I explore London, the more I fall in love with it. I constantly feel inspired by my surroundings. I am also starting to meet more new people which makes me really excited because meeting new, friendly people is basically one of my favorite things to do. Every best friend was once a stranger. I also found people who ACTUALLY love and want to travel. Yey to not resorting to traveling alone. I am so stoked. My fears of rotting alone in London have been evaporated. Actually, all my fears of studying abroad have been disproven. That is the benefit of expecting the worse and hoping for the best.

It’s also really funny because when I meet all these new people, I keep forgetting I am in an art school and a city that is filled with creative individuals. I just keep assuming people aren’t because I am so use to being the only designer. It is really nice to be around creative people who get art and design and who appreciate it.

I am no longer scared to walk places, even when it’s an hour. I honestly thought I would never though I’d say that. Cheers to a good day with a good new friend.

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