I wonder how often this actually happens.

You aren’t a woman. You’re a homeschooled 15 year old boy. One of the most important lessons you will need to learn in the coming years is that when someone who has lived through experiences that you have not lived through tells you that things are a certain way, you need to assume that they know what they’re talking about — that they know better than you on that particular subject. If you pay any attention whatsoever, you will hear the voices of thousands of women telling you that male violence against women is a problem, it’s a daily part of our lives, and that while a man holding a door open for a woman is not a sign of a violent nature, any time a man demands a woman’s attention, even if it’s because they want to show off by doing a “favor” for them, the woman has to wonder if they’re about to be assaulted. Men cannot know what that feels like and they have to use their imagination and their empathy in order to guess.

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