Music Review: Lucius Fox’s sophomore album “Cement Sun” exceeds expectations and transcends traditional genres

Lucius Fox’s sophomore album, “Cement Sun” was released on May 26th, and while their first album had all of the notable characteristics of a midwestern experimental low-fi metal post-rock group, their second album exceeded expectations and transcended the bounds of even their own incredibly adjective heavy genre.

The album begins with lingering waves of sound that cascade over an undiscovered planet and your heart begins to race. There is feedback and delay building every moment. Finally, the blast of drums and guitar bring you back into the music and out of your own headspace with fiery blast beats.

Throughout the meat of the album the songs shift from within. The songs morph and collide sometimes drastically between dizzying repetitive guitar riffs, layer after layer that swirl around in your head, to a rocking bridge with time for a melodious ambient break.

The album quickens as it reaches its resolve, with the final song thrashing and kicking out each and every breath as a longing wail to the moon. During the last few tracks the guitar eats up as many notes as it can in a single measure, which sometimes can feel a bit daunting, but the ambiance of the songs are revived with a calm clean drop in drive tone allowing the listener to make sense of everything in its full capacity.

While the album overall feels somewhat guitar focused, there are some beautiful parts where the guitar reaches into the pocket controlling the rhythm, and the drums are fully unleashed. What stands out most are the peaks and valleys of the drive and emotion in each song, allowing the listener to heave and sigh in full effect of the rhythm.

My favorite two songs were “Shapeshifter” and “Solar Eyes”. Although the middle of an album is typically seen as filler or non-single material, both of these central songs perfectly embody everything progressive and unique about this album, from a mathy style guitar riff with a grunge tone, to dancey and jazz beats with a clean guitar tone. There is even enough content crammed into these songs for a goosebump inducing post-rock build.

Lucius Fox truly showcases the finest of musical talent in the midwest while still keeping ground in the structure and composure of a well-written song that pushes the limitations of genre.

You can find them on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

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