Stories on Cards #5, A Greeting Card Project

Stories on Cards is a project that I completed earlier this year that I would like to share. I began with a blank greeting card and a pen. I would write a story that was improvised, rather than planned. I would need to complete the story by the end of the amount of space allotted inside of the card. Then I would type up the content for my own records and mail the original card to a friend. It’s a great writing project and a good way to connect with friends, rather than the mundane, recycled greeting card entries. None of the stories are perfect, but I am happy with the result of the project, I learned a lot as a writer.

“The not so lonely artist”

Everyone can agree that art is a form of beauty. It comes in many forms and mediums, but one can always find something to their liking. Some people even go as far as admiring and desiring the artists themselves, rather than fully absorbing the piece that inspired this infatuation. The artist, the one on that street corner there, his biggest problem is that he is isn’t lonely.

The not so lonely artist is not on the street corner begging for loose change, nor is he there exhibiting his next piece of hoping for his big break. In fact, the not so lonely artist is with his friends on their way about the town. And not just a couple friends, the type of crowd that oozes and roars as other happy types pass by with equal enthusiasm and charisma.

Here is where the problem lies: whenever he picks up a paintbrush, adjusts an easel, fortifies a building compound, or any other various art medium preparation, he is immediately pulled away.

He is pulled away by Sally who is just dying to tell him about her date last night, or Claude who wants him to verify that that is indeed a suspicious mole on his back.

Sometimes he is even dragged. He is dragged to the beach by Sharona, who really wants to show off her bikini top, or Sam who is suspicious of his neighbor’s WiFi name.

This may all seem trivial, but sometimes he is guided. He is guided by Kate who wants him to teach her how to ride a bike, or David who wants to introduce him to his first child.

With the not so lonely artist, Sally is happily engaged, Claude had that horrid mole removed, Sharona has a new boyfriend, Sam and his neighbor finally worked it out, Kate is feeling the wind in her hair, and David’s son has a brand new teddy bear.

The not so lonely artist picks up his tools once again in preparation, and the phone rings. It’s Seth, and they need another player at the park. Grabbing his coat and keys, the not so lonely artist hops the landing of his low floor apartment to get a head start.

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