Stories on Cards #7, A Greeting Card Project

Stories on Cards is a project that I completed earlier this year that I would like to share. I began with a blank greeting card and a pen. I would write a story that was improvised, rather than planned. I would need to complete the story by the end of the amount of space allotted inside of the card. Then I would type up the content for my own records and mail the original card to a friend. It’s a great writing project and a good way to connect with friends, rather than the mundane, recycled greeting card entries. None of the stories are perfect, but I am happy with the result of the project, I learned a lot as a writer.

“The Eccentric Cook”

“Chop, chop, chop” the cook mouthed as he diced all of the onions frantically. It was the moment before the holiday dinner rush, and he knew that if the fifty pounds of onions were not prepped and ready to be distributed among recipes and garnishes, that he would have frustrated and hungry customers to answer to.

Sweat dripped down his forehead, skidding and redirecting to the perimeter of his temples where they slowed for a quick moment but inevitably met, kissing on his chin. There was a knock. He wondered whether it was a last minute delivery. There was no one else in the kitchen to answer it, so he begrudgingly took it upon himself to do so. Although mildly annoyed, he was first and foremost eccentric. So in true quirky fashion he hopscotched about on an invisible board culminating with a number ten at the door. He did not dilly dally through this numbered choreography, because if anything, he was behind.

He opened the door, looking curiously left and then right because there was on one. As he was about to take a wide step out, he felt his leg impeded by a stout personality being supported by a slight frame. It was a little girl with an oversized chef’s coat and hat. With only one eye exposed outside of the oversized tower-like hat, she extended a wooden spoon with a note deliberately attached with an unidentifiable adhesive.

The note, rushed yet extremely precise stated:

“This is Sophie. She is of indeterminable age. We are not her guardians. However, we have been informed that they are en-route via airplane to this city, planning on dining at your establishment at 20h37. She was already dressed in this ill-fitting garb when she arrived at our toll booth stop. She does not speak. She will smile, nod (in both directions), and stretch her lower lip peculiarly toward her chin while she bites her lower teeth against her upper lip. Enjoy.”

She immediately did all three of these things somewhat simultaneously. The cook, still confused, reciprocated. He momentarily thought of the large mountain of onions on the back counter, and shrugged. He led her in the kitchen by the shoulder, and said “Come on, let’s make mac and cheese for the whole restaurant. It’s tonight’s new special”.

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