(or tapping, in this not-so-newfangled world of touchscreens)
In-line notes with only HTML/CSS
Benjamin Notkin

Click had a brief reign as a performative verb but with computer mice going extinct, tap is usurping the throne.

When you wanted someone to follow a link or select or preference, or do much of anything at all on a screen, you used to say “click.” And often you still do. With touchscreens, though, people are clicking less and tapping more. You don’t click on a phone; you tap.

But our world is not yet all small glowing rectangles — big glowing rectangles still exist too. (Some big glowing rectangles also get finger-smudged as they do take touch input.)

With this dual world of clicking and tapping, what is a person to do when commanding or describing a digital action? Does click stand in for tap? Does tap stand in for click? Which is more general? Is there a third more generic word?

Touch might actually be best. While it seems to lean even further into—and beyond—the tap camp I think it allows for a figurative reading that includes click in a way tap does not.