Why we must die :

Just like siddhartha I met my Gotama ( my mother) for a rude awakening, it’s was good atmosphere for a good day, grinning sun revealing colors of things, the sun shone brightest like the first day of its creation, yeah, year 2000 it was, my mother laid in her bed while I was on the bed beside her, I told her we are in new millennium in merrily! merrily !! Merrily!!! voice and she answered like she was lost in thought or lost her thought ; yes my son, and we wouldn’t be here for the next one… those words sink faster in my mind than pebbles thrown against the torrents of rivers, suddenly my mind threw itself from Abyssinia to Abyss, then I became Einstein at helm of E=MC^2, oh… nobody living right now would even make it to year 2200 at most, i think it’s not shirk if my mother is another god I served beside Allah I was 13, its forgivable if it is.

If you must, you must then replace God with Nature.

‘God is casuality of Romanticism more than man’, God is love, not love is God, God is independent of his characters… 99 names of Allah is a more clarification of God’s nature….

‘God is a killer, God is a dictator, God is a Compeller, God is Humiliator, God is Forceful, Creator of Harmful’ some of God characters in his 99 names … so now know what you serve, What ? Yes. ‘Who is but the form following the function of what’ — V, Man created God in his own image, for man fear what is not in his own image is a monster, be a new man and rid yourself off that sentiment… are we still going to argue why God causes tsunami, earthquake, death of babies, and allow Evil ?

Why do i see death as unpleasant thing ? Ask yourself ? If youre an atheist you should belief it’s just an oblivion with no consequence, and if you’re a theist you should know there will be hell for the bad and Heaven for Good , so choose where you want. LOL you are atheist and you want to force people to belief there is no hell or heaven because you are scared there might be ? And if you are theist and want to force people to belief in hell or heaven because the idea of not existing again is cringeworthy ? Or you might not see your love ones again ? Or Hitler and your oppressors might never get judgement… let me give a you a good news, if it’s oblivion, we would not remember our belief and thoughts (that you have been a fool for living a religious life with no award) but if there is…Nature of death also almost has nothing to do with righteousness, Jesus was crucified and his disciples died horribly, Prophet Muhammed ate poison/ he was sick before his death, even the Hadith on description of his death was gory, the four rightly guided caliphs died horribly also, Friedrich Nietzsche the last prophet of new world spent his last 11 years of his life in profound madness after his encounter with the Turin horse, … what is our sentiment about dying horribly if this so called God’s men/men of call died horribly, may be peaceful death is a myth cause you never know what they go through in the ‘Peaceful’ death… only Nobody want to die horribly, not Me, not You…. if there is easier death I prayed for it.

Death is probably God best gift to humanity after ‘reasonable life’, imagine everybody from the past still existing, one can only imagine the rate of competition for nature ( food, breathing,housing etc) imagine Hitler immortal, imagine mother Teresa ?, imagine Pharaoh ? Think Ghandhi… yeah, give it a Wide, Wide,wild thoughts. Let your imagination run to the evils that would run. let me help you come to a conclusion on why we must die with excerpt from Greatest Speech ever made ; ‘The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish’- Charlie Chaplin

I don’t even want to start telling the biological/Evolutionary importance of death/cadaver, you can read ‘Stiff’ by Mary Roach.

‘If am an atheist I will be Dolmancé, a character in Philosophy of Bedroomby Marquis De Sade’ — Bankole Babatunde

I purposely did not link my paragraphs, I did not emphasize my title for the same purpose.

Bankole Babatunde. @bnk2nde

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