BNO Weekly High 5 — October 16, 2015

Each week, we give a High 5 to a few of the best stories in Advertising, Business, Culture, Social, and Tech. Check it.

Think about branding, and you’ll probably imagine a specific product. But, behind every great organization are the people who make it possible. So, shout out to our friends at Johnson & Johnson for earning the #1 position on Wilson HCG’s 2015 Top 100 Employment Brands list, and for giving every J&J employee the opportunity to BE VITAL. Check it

Little more than half of Americans turned out to vote in the last general election. That begs the question, “Is there a more intuitive way to poll?” Google has an interesting answer. Their new “digital paper” posters, placed around the Bay Area, let residents show their support for various Google Impact Challenge causes with a simple tap. Power to the people. Check it

LinkedIn is great for connecting with other professionals and discovering job openings, but it’s not known for style. That’s about to change with a completely redesigned LinkedIn app, which will streamline your news feed, allow you to post GIFs, and make it easier to keep tabs on your profile stats and connections (among other perks). Check it

No one expected the Democratic debate to match the level of buzz around last month’s Republican debate. But, as far as Democratic debates go, Tuesday’s was a record-breaker — averaging 15.3 million viewers. The highlight of the night came when, in a fleeting moment of camaraderie with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders vented emphatically, “I think the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!” Won’t argue with you there, Bernie. Check it

Kids spend too much time on their phones. But that could be a good thing, thanks to the Everything Machine, a new app that lets you tinker with any smartphone’s inner workings to learn basic coding. The app features visual controls (like switches or buttons) and functions (like vibration or video recording), which you can drag and drop to experiment with cause and effect logic. Check it

BONUS (Because marshmallows)
Biz Markie’s got what we need — what we’ve all fantasized about since childhood: a marshmallow-only box of Lucky Charms. Yes, this is real life. And yes, one of ten boxes can be yours by snapping a pic of yourself holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms and tag it with #Lucky10Sweepstakes. May the Charms be with you. Check it