The church of VR
Each of these parcels is owned separately on the Ethereum blockchain
Part of the land ownership contract for Fontus
Hanging out with a friend in Fontus
The Church of VR in Sketchup
  • Phase 1 — Test and review solidity contract for land ownership and deploy the contract for global use. Allow anyone to purchase land on the grid and put up their content. Document process for publishing content to your parcel.
  • Phase 2 — Improve usability and inter player interaction, add voice chat, hand controls, improve Vive and Rift support.
  • Phase 3 — Add mobile support (GearVR and Daydream). Improve tools for adding content to the grid, a plug in for blender that upload directly to the IPFS network.
  • Phase 4 — Improve user interaction with skeletal animation, avatar accessories and inverse kinematics. Add animation and scripting to the a-minus engine.
Web based parcel editing interface




I like running, music and virtual reality.

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Ben Nolan

Ben Nolan

I like running, music and virtual reality.

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