One Account for all your things

There should be a site that you sign in to.

Once signed in, your should authenticate with:

  • Every
  • Single
  • Service

That you use on the internet.

Once you have set your account up

It’ll gather all comments and replies to your social media in one place.

Someone posts on your youtube video

The comment appears in that place.

Someone comments on your soundcloud track

The comment appears in that place.

Isn’t this what email already does?

Yes. But you can’t reply by email. This service would let you reply. It also would let you click on the person that commented on you, and find all their social network accounts, so that you could see what they were about.

Some chick commented on your guitar set up on youtube?

Listen to her mad korg volca beats recording on soundcloud before you reply.

Get context baby.

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