Bruce Noll
Oct 30 · 1 min read

In the Restaurant

I sit in my seat at the restaurant, sipping black coffee.

I hadn’t been here for some time, the woman’s laughter from the party seated accross from me pierced my ears.

Hey, they were having fun, I wanted to join in the festivities, but alas, it was not my time…or mood.

I was deep in contemplation after a conversation which left me wondering what tomorrow would bring.

I remind myself, it’s all good, then I go about the business of asking for some silverware.

Ah life, I just never know how it will present itself to me…or, how it will land on my soul.

In any case I am convinced in my heart that lifelong learning is what I desire. And I get it, even in the restaurant!

    Bruce Noll

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    I’m dedicated to balancing life with gratitude, forgiveness, and joy through self-examination, conscious thought, and determined action.