Why I Cannot Support an Obama Nominee to the Supreme Court
Johnny Isakson

The Constitution you swore to uphold clearly says what your job is, and you refuse to do it because you believe that despite the fact that the people chose Obama twice and chose him to do his job for four years, which are not over, he should stop doing his job for a year.

You should be fired sir. You should be removed from office immediately. You and anyone who swore to uphold the constitution and to serve the people for four years and has decided to not do their jobs this last year because, you know, there’ll be a new employee next year anyway. You should be fired and banned permanently from ever holding office.

The Constitution says you have to advise the President in his selection, but you have chosen not to do that. You can reject his candidates and advise him on yours by voting, which is what you were hired to do. The Constitution doesn’t give a timeline, because it clearly states who appoints the Justice: the elected President. Now, you may not like that it’s Obama, but he was chosen twice. So let it go and do your damn job.

The country and the people, not that you seem to care for either, cannot spend a year without its ninth and deciding judge. It’s detrimental to both sides of the isle, Democrat AND Republican. If you don’t want to do your job, then quit, and let another Republican who actually cares for his country, for the Constitution, and for the rule of law, to serve in your stead.

Thank you.

Just pondering…