Get into the zone for God’s sake

There’s no best feeling in this world than the feeling of completion, the feeling of motivation, when you’re pumped and you just do the things in automatic, when you are enjoying the grinding, there’s no best feeling than getting into the zone building up momentum.

How do you get into that zone of greatness you ask? You just need to get there! Yourself! No one is going to get you in, and nothing will, unless you do it, it can be where you are, it can be now.

Get into the zone for God’s sake!

When you start something, and continue doing so non-stop you’ll quickly encounter a feeling of getting into that zone, a great feeling that artists need to find and to get in order to really shine at their profession, like a rapper throwing their rhymes, like a bodybuilder lifting hard, like a skier on the mountain, like a guy writing on his blog. I didn’t even wanted to write this thing, I’m kind of exhausted, but I needed to get into the fucking zone, so I just started writing this post.

What I want to tell you is that there’s no best moment than now for you to start doing what you are holding, why pause things you really want?

There will be no best moment for the things you want in your life than right now. Want to start a diet? Start now. Want to stop smoking? Start now. Want to start your next big idea? Start now. What’s holding you back? Just yourself, no one else.

Get into the zone for God’s sake.

You’ll find it, it’s not so hard (well, sometimes it is) but your goal is to find that moment of nirvana. When what you do is really enjoyable, hell now I’m really excited writing this post, I don’t know why, I’m typing like 175 wpm and I’m enjoying the moment, that’s what you need to do in order to achieve those AHA moments of your life, in order to feel the sensation of completion, like when you finish a hard homework or a big project, to get there you need to start (and that’s the difficult part) but once you upfront that barrier and accept the hard work it’s going to be smooth, you just need to push a little bit harder to start and a little bit more to finish your thing and after a few moments you’ll be in the zone and everything will be easier, everything will be beautiful, you’ll be like a monk in meditation, like a true artist inspired to continue working on their craft, just because you were brave enough to start now, not tomorrow, now!

Enjoy the momentum, keep it going, push it further, even if you’re tired and fucked up or confused or whatever the fucking reason it is, you’ll get rapidly into the zone, and you’ll eventually build up the momentum you need, you’ll feel pumped and ready in no time, and you’ll experience that amazing and magical euforia.

Remember that there’s no better time to start your thing than now.

Now is the best time.

So start doing what you’re holding right now, do it after reading this post, and you’ll quickly now what I’m talking about, you’ll experience the power.

Seriously, go!

Get into the zone for God’s sake.

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