Unclutter the shit

The benefits of getting rid of the mess in your life are big, it’s time to raise productivity and focus on what’s important, without losing control or getting distracted.

Nowadays it’s crucial to be productive in whatever you’re doing, you need to concentrate and focus on what really matters, wasting time is a big sin.

In order to be more productive in your daily activities, you need to unclutter the shit, that means, getting rid of the mess, just get rid of everything that distracts you, or that really doesn’t fit, and believe me, you’ll get in a state of peace, and your productivity levels will be higher than ever before, this is what I learned about cleaning up my mess.

Minimalist environment

First of all, throw away everything that you don’t really need, what’s not essential, you need to see the beauty of the minimalistic design, that’s the only way you can see the benefits of uncluttering.

What I mean by creating a minimalist environment is that you only need to have around you the things that are really important, like the tools you use every day, or at least, what you consider essential for your daily workflow.

The things that you keep vary from person to person, if you’re a designer, you maybe have a Wacom tablet at your desk, an iMac with Adobe Creative Cloud installed, Sketch App in your Dock, and Behance or Dribbble as your homepage, if you’re a coder, you may have a nice standing desk for long coding sessions, or maybe just a Mac/PC with some headphones, a second monitor or screen (check Duet for iPad) and SublimeText, XCode, the Terminal, or whatever other tool you use every day.

Well, that’s OK, you got your preferred tools always with you, but here’s the real problem… If you’re a normal person, you know you don’t only have your favorite things with you, but things that come up at any moment of your day, like folders and papers, receipts, things to repair, and so much more things you need to deal with.

Just throw away everything that doesn’t belong in your workplace, keep uncluttering the shit. Also, you need to go paperless, just scan those papers into Evernote, problem solved.

Oh, Evernote, yes, you need to unclutter that as well (we’ll get into that in a moment), same as with your desk or environment, keep Evernote filled with your important stuff, really, you don’t need garbage, you’ll never use it, it’s not essential for your life, just throw it away and keep what you consider important.

Use organization tools

In today’s world, we deal with so much information each day, is very complex to manage everything without going crazy, we need tools for better organization and a way to re-access valuable information later.

Evernote is one of my favorites, is brilliant, in there I keep almost everything, from food recipes to expense reports and receipts, projects, travel plans, and more.

I also use Pinboard to bookmark interesting websites I find across the web.

And Pocket to save articles to Read-Later.

Dropbox is one of my favorites as well, in there I place everything I’d like to have a backup of or folders/documents that I use a lot and in different machines.

Ember and Pinterest for inspiration.

Day One for journaling.

And those are my favorites tools, the ones I use almost every day, these incredible and powerful apps allow me to create a tidy environment.

Welcome creativity, productivity, and a happier life

Now, let me tell you the benefits of uncluttering, first of all, you’ll have higher levels of creativity and productivity, why? Simply because your mind won’t be overwhelmed by unimportant things, you will prioritize better and you’ll focus on what’s important, on what’s next rather than what’s there.

All your distractions will go away, well at least most of them, because you’ll have a clean environment, more space for thinking and doing, more oxygen for your mind, you’ll be more creative and productive.

You will be in peace with yourself, knowing all the things are at their place, have you ever feel that sensation when you finish a hard work, or when you tidy up your room or house and everything looks beautiful? Well, imagine that feeling but in a prolonged form, in your entire day, in your entire life.

Just try it out, and believe me, you will feel amazing.

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