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From what I’ve been able to find on Google regarding coal is that it’s NOT cheaper than anything else per kwh, usually averaging around 0.09. Whereas Solar tends to meet that average when on an industrial level (not the panels you put on your rooftops, that’s like 0.24). Gas comes in around 0.06. Putting CCS into the mix estimates go up to 0.15 making it significantly more expensive. Pollution may be reduced by 90%, but there’s still concerns on the Storage aspect of CCS where there seems to be an inevitable re-release of the carbon.

In other words, there’s no reason anyone, anywhere ought to be putting up coal plants or using coal anymore other than to fill the gap for better alternatives.

What Trump wants is simple, to deceive those who don’t know any better so that Americans can still have a coal industry and someone to sell it to. The typical American way, “Screw over anyone I can so I can make my house and yard bigger”.