Hillary’s diverse military administration or: How I learned to stop worrying and love warhawks

Bugei Nyaosi
Jun 23, 2016 · 5 min read

Given that it has appeared for a while now that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee and therefore likely next President of The United States, I thought it prudent to anticipate what kind of administration she would run.

What little I had heard about Hillary before strongly suggested that her foreign policy would be hawkish and regime-change heavy. The New York Times opined back in April that she was the “last true hawk” remaining in the presidential nomination contests of either major party.

Then something strange happened. I began to see names of possible future key members of her administration. And I was thrilled to discover so many women making the shortlist.

So I set out to do some background research on some of them, including the future commander in chief herself. What I found out quelled my initial concerns.

Hillary Clinton

When it mattered, Hillary could be counted on to do the right thing for women. Her state department helped nix a $0.65 /hr minimum wage for female workers in Haiti, a boost no doubt to their self-reliance. She voted for the war in Iraq. She pushed for military intervention in Syria and Libya, leading to the destruction of those societies. She reportedly has “no regrets” about pushing to bomb Libya. It must be because women and children emerged unscathed, no worries. What about closer to home? Well her state department helped push and legitimize a right-wing coup in Honduras. That US-backed regime has since killed more than 300 including the recent assassination of female activist Berta Cáceres. All in a day’s work.

Michèle Flournoy

Described as potential defense secretary, Ms. Flournoy previously served as the undersecretary of defense. She is credited with founding the Center for A New American Security, probably after realizing that the neoconservative establishment needed another think tank dedicated to promoting war, but perhaps one more closely allied with the Democratic party. This week she made headlines by arguing for more military intervention and ground troops in Syria, setting the stage for an escalation of the conflict. This is surely an outcome that Syrian women can look forward to.

Neera Tanden

Neera Tanden, current head of the Center for American Progress, is rumored to be the next Chief of Staff. She has proven time and again that Palestinian women and children can count on another powerful woman of color. In fact, such is her dedication to their humanity, she decided to host Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at CAP for a “conversation”. Under her leadership, the CAP went to great lengths to censor its own writers on the topic of Israel, in response to that great feminist progressive organisation, AIPAC.

Forging close ties with the Israeli hard-right can only be a good thing, rest assured.

However, her progressive stance really shone through when it came to the Libyan war and its aftermath. Not satisfied with having strongly advocated for that disastrous intervention, she decided that the US should also confiscate Libya’s oil to pay for the invasion.

A position, by the way, which sounds eerily similar to one held by the very Dangerous Donald Trump.

Victoria Nuland

Currently the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, possibly future Secretary of State. Little known fact: she is married to Robert Kagan, the neocon grand master who was a key intellectual backer of the Iraq war and now agitating for further Syrian military action. Also, he happens to be #ReadyForHillary.

But that’s neither here no there. What’s important is to recognize that she is greatly admired by hardline Republicans and for entirely benign reasons, I assure you. Victoria was the driving force in the de-stabilization of the Ukraine government and subsequent regime-change operation. She is currently best known for that very diplomatic “F** the EU” quip, frustrated that the EU was not moving swiftly enough to agitate for interventionism in the Ukraine. The women and children of Ukraine I am reliably informed are enthused about the ensuing civil war, collapsed economy and harsh neoliberal reforms pushed by the newly installed regime(s). No one has worked harder to antagonize Russia and escalate tensions, risking a future war that can only be a welcome relief to women everywhere.

Samantha Power and Susan Rice

Samantha Power currently serves as US ambassador to the UN, Susan as National Security Advisor. This dynamic duo’s major foreign policy contribution has been to forcefully advocate for a new liberal humanitarian intervention marketing strategy, named “Responsibility To Protect”. Samantha Power, in particular, has no qualms about describing herself as a “humanitarian hawk”.

Together with Hillary, Samantha and Susan pushed for the Libyan war. In fact, reports suggest that Pres. Obama only approved the war under heavy pressure from the trio. The Responsibility to Protect Libyan Women, it must have been called.

All is well

When do you stop worrying about foreign policy actions, particularly when they are virtually indistinguishable to those pushed by neocons/renowned war hawks? When you have an incoming Democratic administration advocating those actions, that’s when.

By virtue of being predominantly female, this stellar group will be very good for women everywhere. Neera Tanden can testify how her plan to confiscate Libya’s oil would have been a great boon for Libyan women and children. In fact, the internationalist feminist cause was set back by the unfortunate decision not to pursue her/Donald Trump’s ingenious foreign policy strategy.

We only have to recall how Iraqi women celebrated when Condoleeza Rice was appointed National Security Advisor and subsequently Secretary of State. They still hold an annual feast to commemorate how their lives were very much improved, even dare I say revolutionized, thanks to having a woman of color, no less, in such powerful positions.

Hillary Clinton will give us the most diverse military administration and it will simply be historic. I remain supremely confident because the election of the first person of color to be President of United States was equally amazing for Libyans, Syrians, Pakistanis, Hondurans, Yemenis and heck, even the Ukrainians got some love. So get on board, already.

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