A love, hate relationship with Evernote

I love Evernote. I store my whole life in it. Any piece of paper in my life ends up in Evernote. Anything I need to keep for reference ends up in Evernote. My entire social media presence is backed up to Evernote.

It contains everything. Everything that is except my writing.

I write a lot. In fact it is my job these days. Evernote is invaluable in that process. I keep notes on possible future articles. I keep quotes or stats I might want to reference one day. I even keep backups of articles I have published.

But I cannot write in it. The reason? Its text editor sucks. It is such a shame. But when it comes to writing, Evernote is not fit for purpose.

It doesn’t support Markdown or any kind of semantic markup. I cannot tell Evernote that this is a heading or that is a quote. Yes, I can make something larger or italic, but that doesn’t help when it comes to sending my posts off for publishing.

Not that you can get anything out of Evernote in any kind of useful format. One option would be to use a third party tool like Byword to work with Evernote documents. But although Byword and similar apps can publish to Evernote, it cannot edit content already in Evernote. Other than copy and paste, it is a walled garden.

If I want to export an Evernote document I can save it as HTML, but that HTML is useless. A mess of DIVs and SPANs with inline styling setting sizes. No indication of headings or blockquotes. Nothing I could format in another app or pass to a publisher.

If only they would add some semantic meaning to their text editor and made it easier to get content in and out. Evernote would then be an awesome piece of software. But despite many visual upgrades they have done nothing to fix this basic feature. Hell even this website has better editing tools!

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