Ba Humbug! Stop wasting money on clients this Christmas.

Paul Boag
Paul Boag
Nov 8, 2016 · 3 min read

If you run a digital agency or provide digital services you are reliant on the income from client work. Sometimes they may drive us nuts, but we need our clients. Some we love, some we… well lets just say, we don’t get on with quite so well. Either way we need to ensure they feel appreciated.

And so every year in the middle of November we all start to panic. Shit, we need to send Christmas cards and gifts to our clients. It turns into a hassle. Writing all those cards and thinking of appropriate gifts. Some clients aren’t allowed to accept gifts and others might mistake them for bribery. It is a nightmare we face every year. So let’s just stop.

Every year we have to write cards and come up with Christmas gifts for our clients. It is just too much hassle.

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I mean, is it worth it anyway? Are clients going to be so heartbroken that they haven’t received a card from you that they fire you? Is that nice pen with your logo on going to be the best gift they get this Christmas? Somehow I doubt it.

Instead lets take that money we would have spent on cards and gifts, and give it to charity instead. Then we can just send our clients a Christmasy email. We can wish them a happy Christmas and tell them we have donated to charity on their behalf. It will save us a stack load of work and its not like they can complain!

Let me make things easy

I know what you are thinking. Even that sounds like hassle. You have to decide on a charity and then you have to design some pretty email. So let me make things easy for you.

This year, lets all give to a tiny charity. One that educates girls in the most rural and poverty stricken part of India. This is the charity I support as a company and I promise you they are amazing. I have just come back from seeing their work first hand and it is life changing.

I was fortunate enough to visit Bethesda and I promise you they are an incredible charity

Best of all, because they are small, your gift will make a huge difference. Its not like supporting some big charity that has some slick fundraising team. These guys only have a website because I built it for them last week!

So what do you say? I’ll even go a step further. If you donate to the charity I’ll send you a set of Photoshop files. These will include four different Christmas Email headers you can use. Then you don’t even need to go to the effort of designing the email. Hell I’ll even include some sample copy to go with each header.

If you donate I have four email templates you can send to clients.

Look, I have even put the donation form on my website. Just enter an amount and other details and your whole Christmas nightmare will be over!

Visit my website and donate

Paul Boag

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Paul Boag

I am a User Experience Consultant, speaker & author of User Experience Revolution. I run @boagworks and am a director of @smashingmag and @headscapeltd

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