The Best UX Design Tools You Need for Testing

Paul Boag
Paul Boag
Jul 3 · 7 min read

Usability Testing with Lookback

Lookback is bar far the best and most flexible tool for usability testing I have found.

Testing Visuals with Usability Hub

UsabilityHub is ideal for testing static design comps.

Eye Tracking with Real Eye

Real Eye allows you to carry out eye-tracking with nothing more than a webcam. No special equipment required.

Eye Tracking Prediction with Eyequant and Eyetato

Eyequant simulates eye-tracking results allowing you to gain statistically significant data much faster.
Eyetato is a free tool for the mac that claims to predict the results of eye-tracking studies.

Quantify Usability with Maze

Maze provides hard numbers for things like time to complete task or misclick rates.

Card Sorting with Optimal Sort Or Miro

Optimal Sort allows you to run remote and in-person card sorting exercises.
Although not a dedicated card sorting tool, Mirolooks like a good option for running remote card sorting sessions.

Recruit Participants with Ethnio

Ethnio will find the perfect participants for your user research exercises.

Survey Users with User Reports

User Reports seems to be one of the better survey tools for user experienceprofessionals.

An All in One Solution with Userzoom

Userzoom offers a whole suite of user research tools.

Comparing Designs with Google Optimiser

Google Optimise is a great free tool for those starting out with A/B testing.

Visualise Your Research with Evolt

Evolt allows you to visualise the user experience by creating personas and storyboards.

Let’s Discover Need Tools Together

Paul Boag

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Paul Boag

I am a User Experience Consultant, speaker & author of User Experience Revolution. I run @boagworks and am a director of @smashingmag and @headscapeltd

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