6 Fictional games that should absolutely exist in real life…

As if we all don’t have enough tabletop games on our lists to purchase (or enough games stacking those Ikea shelves in the spare room), right? So, why not put together a little list of ficticious games from film, TV and books that we definitely can’t own, and probably wouldn’t have time or the inclination to play anyway.

These games are probably on other list articles in other places, but this one is the only one written by and curated by me so it’s y’know, better or something. And totally different obviously, none of those obvious choices from really popular sitcoms everybody likes…

Cones of Dunshire (Parks & Recreation)

Ok so MAYBE there are some similarities but come on! This one is a cult classic, and one that failed to fund TWICE on kickstarter when the publisher ‘Mayfair games’ actually decided to make this in real life. There are lots of reasons why but the general jist of it is that us fans will never get the fabled game of cones to play in real life. We knew we couldn’t be as cool as Ben anyway…

True American (New Girl)

Not technically tabletop…but maybe also EXACTLY tabletop (as in standing on the actual table). I’m sure someone somewhere has already written out some rules for a drinking game similar to this, but let’s face it, the raucous, irrational and straight up crazy depiction seen on the show is much better than anything anyone could come up with. I’m still pretty sure it’s something created just to confuse outsiders.

Cyvasse (Game of Thrones)

Depicted occasionally in the Game of Thrones book as something akin to chess except with much cooler pieces and very vague rules (as we know). This one kinda reminds me a bit of Dragoon (of which I am awaiting a kickstarter copy of EAGERLY in the mail).

Colonizers of Malaar (30 Rock)

A Parody of ‘Settlers of Catan’ sure, but just look at the size of that board! It’s got castles and forests and loads and loads of pieces and… what more could you want from a tabletop game!

Plus that centurion hat is amazing.

Jumanji (Jumanji…)

Well, maybe this is a controversial choice, mainly down to the inherent risk of death, flying insects, spiders, various jungle nasties and general heebie jeebies associated with it. But screw it I’m in. As long as Robin Williams is there playing it with me let’s go.

Wizard Chess (Harry Potter)

The last game on my list and technically it’s JUST a version of Chess…

Ok it’s LITERALLY just a version of chess, but wait, the pieces move! By themselves and everything, it’s like chess but you know like, way way better. And who wouldn’t want to play a better version of chess.

Yours fictionally,