Randal Longboard Trucks — Great for Both Freeriding and Downhilling

Caliber, Paris, Bear and many more brands are into longboard business but none of them is as successful as Randal. Randal is an American company manufacturing longboard truck since 1976 and is still popular among longboarders. It takes pride in an exclusive range of Randal longboard trucks that are best in quality, sturdy and are available in different colors, baseplate angles and hanger lengths. The R-II trucks are the latest versions available to every longboarder these days. They are built around a wide variety of baseplate angles (28 to 60 degrees) and hanger lengths ranging from 125 mm and 150 mm to 180 mm. Each of them will be perfect for making a custom board especially if you are looking to ride it a lot in different landscapes from flatland and downhill to skate park.

Randal Longboard Trucks — Quality Blends with Variation
Randal has been known for manufacturing high quality longboard trucks. Not only it focuses on to give quality, but keeps up variation as well. With the option of exchanging hangers and baseplates, it brings out Randal longboard trucks to help them get used continuously. Be it freestyle ride, free ride, long distance ride, pumping, ditches, commuting, carving or super-G, these longboard trucks can support you perfectly.

Their 180mm Randal trucks are wider and are therefore used for freeride, downhilling, dancing and other strong setups. The 150mm models are best for purposes like long distance pumping, fast downhill riding, carving down the street or up the pavement. The 125mm trucks are just like mini skateboards which you can use to turn quickly. However, these are not strong and stable like the 180mm trucks, but some of the professional longboarders can be seen using them for downhill races.

Higher degrees baseplates in Randal trucks allow them to turn quicker, but bend less and will enable the user to return-to-center fast without any flexibility. However, lower degree baseplates will produce the reverse effect — turn less, but can bend longer/more. The Randal longboard trucks with lower degrees baseplates are more stable. With all these baseplates to select from, Randal trucks can be used in any longboard schedule and without the necessity for angled risers. Even they can go well with hangers from other brands like Paris

Adjustment of Randal Trucks with Bushing Setups, and Flipping Hanger
This longboard truck has the option to flip the hanger. In its general condition, the Randal R –lls assure positive rake angle which makes it turn fast and feel more lively. When they are flipped with the hanger, a negative rake angle gets produced to make the truck turn less and stand stable.

Though eliminator shaped bushings can create sliding issues but the Randal trucks can be set up to avoid it. By adding an extra flat washer to the bushing bottom of these trucks, longboarders can start rolling anytime.

No matter whether you are looking for a well built and reliable longboard truck for freeriding, downhilling, carving, pumping or any other purpose, choose from stock of Randal longboard trucks at Boards On Nords. It will let you enjoy your cruising round the city or town as well as when you are looking to hit a sloped backyard or go down hill.