Rayne Fortune Longboards — An Incredible Blend of Design and Function

The Rayne Fortune is another product in the already popular Rayne Signature series longboards. This variety takes maximum attention of skaters as it is not used by anyone else that the Canadian downhill skateboard champion — Patrick Switzer. With it, users can be able to make a thrilling ride without any wheel bite. The Rayne Fortune is an exclusive longboard which is wisely designed and do not adapt to a standard shape. It features fat bottom engineering and makes an incredible longboard that allows you to control your weight over the four wheels and ride more comfortably without facing any wheelbite. Need a concave shaped longboard allowing your feet to stay comfortable during different riding situations and style? The Rayne Fortune features a wavy concave structure with pockets for your feet at both back and front of the board so that you can have riding comfort and pleasure at almost any condition. Additionally there are well fit wheel bases to rule out any risk of wheel bite while moving hard through your twist and turns on this longboard. Various wheelbase options enable you to choose your favorite size and build it in your desired way!

The Rayne Fortune longboard is based on an innovative construction technique in order to make it feel much lighter to the rider and function with the degree of response and hardness the rider wants it to be. Its central part is the thickest and ultimately leads to become slimmer at edge.

Patrick Switzer is the fastest downhill champion used to ride on the Rayne series of Longboard. He has been using the Rayne Fortune longboard since the 2013 World Cup Series Champion and made this item world famous with his victory. This longboard allowed him to ride with full potential and transform the art of skating to an elegant experience of entertainment.

If you are in search of a top mounted and speedy riding longboard, then there is no other option like the Rayne Fortune. Combining superior flat bottom designing along with upturned nose functional feature, this Patrick Switzer’s pro model is likely to add to your skating speed and experience every time. It has taken on many earlier versions like 2012 Fortune Avenger and Fortune Amazon. With 3D concave pockets for your feet and fierce grip control capacity of the Rayne Fortune, you are likely to experience a performance that is too close to Patrick Switzer in downhill racing.

If you want to ride on fast rolling longboards with sharp edge, directional shape and fat bottom core design, order for the Rayne Fortune longboards from Boards on Nord. We assure to deliver them with Bee orange finish and variable wheelbase that suits your riding style and speed.

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