Skateboard Vs. Longboard, Which One to Choose?

If you are familiar with skateboarding, you obviously know standard short skateboard. But have you ever seen someone riding a longboard? Rather than the difference in length, you must wonder how these two types of boards are different. Then keep reading to learn the differences of the skateboard and the longboard.

Skateboard All modern skateboards have general shape and size, use the same kind of trucks and use small 50 mm hard wheels. Skateboards are usually built for doing tricks such as flips over, ollies or grinding and sliding. They are usually limited to smooth ground and purposed to use in usually skateparks with ramps, grind boxes and rails. Skateboards are not ideal for cruising or transportation on rougher grounds, due to their small and hard wheels.

Longboard A longboard is just a skateboard that’s much longer than usual, and used for longboarding, which is opposite to skateboarding. Instead of free style skating, longboards are used for downhill racing, or cruising around town. They are heavier than standard skateboards and are not ideal for doing any kind of tricks. The design of it allows big turns and quick carves just like the surfers do. They have large 70mm soft wheels and usually come with longboard style trucks which are higher and turn sharper than skateboard style trucks. Most longboards are 35–60 inches long and come in different kinds of shapes such as flat nose and pintails.

Longboards are designed specifically for turning and smoothly cruising at high speeds over long distances. However, if you are a beginner, you are probably going to have an easier time balancing on a longboard, which is also easier to ride. But to do tricks and stunts, longboards are not appropriate. You are going to need a skateboard to perform flips and slides. That’s why professionals prefer skateboards instead of a longboard.

After reading all this, now you can choose a board according to your skills. At Boards on Nords, we have thousands of excellent quality skateboards and longboards for sale in our online megastore. We also offer specialized skate parts to enhance to skateboard performance. To select and purchase, browse our website today or just call us at (877) 614–6673 to get help from professional skaters.

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