Top 4 Best Landyachtz Longboard Brands

Landyachtz is the most reliable and reputable name in the longboarding industry for years and there’s a good reason for it. They’ve garnered years of reputation, especially in the downhill industry. Since’97, Landyachtz has been manufacturing top quality boards at the best prices. With the brand new graphics, excellent sizes and a wide array of prices to suit the budget range of every rider, these boards have stayed on the top among all the longboard brands. Here’re a few longboards; which are some of our favorites:

Battle Axe Longboard
If you need a classic pintail with an added bunch of cool features, then choose no other than the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard. With an excellent drop-through mount and cut out wheel well, the board sits much lower than your classic pintail and let you enjoy, quite faster, tighter turns without any worry about the wheel bite. As the board has a wide body shape at the front, you can get a stable platform for pushing in and out of turns; while the slight W concave can help you grip your feet and keep in place, even during higher speeds. If you want to be a pro of the classic pintail, then the Landyachtz Battle Axe can be the perfect pick to go with!

Switchblade Longboard
Switchblade Longboard stands out as the most popular board manufactured by Landyachtz, as it’s in great demand on every season. Available in three different sizes, this board is a symmetrical freeride board; which’s ideal for different riders. As it’s stable and easy to ride, beginners love this board the most! The downhill crew will love its stiff and sturdy feel of the drop-through and the drop-down deck offers. That means, no matter whatever your skill level or wherever you want to ride, the Landyachtz Switchblade longboard will help you get there!

Time Machine Longboard
If you want to step on to the future of freeride, then you should take a ride on the Landyachtz Time Machine Longboard. Again, if you love speed and hard curves, then you’ll love this board for sure! With a slight W concave and angled drops, your feet will stay in a perfect position to add some power and control into your carves. However, this exquisite design of longboard can keep the feet of the riders closer to the truck as possible to ensure an ultimate level of control and ability to drive this powerful ride. Remember one thing, these longboards can be comfortable for daily cruising, quick and fun freeriding!

Drop Carve Longboard
Being one of the most versatile boards in the Landyachtz line up, these boards can offer a nice, snappy feel and overall flex; so that they can be a great option for carving and also add an enhanced level of comfort and relaxation. As the drop through mount is added sighted lower the board, it can offer extra stability and the slight concave grips so that your feet can stay perfectly without any worry.

This’s just a fraction of the Landyachtz line up and some of my favorite picks. Now it’s time to buy your favorite pick of Landyachtz longboards at Boards on Nord to ensure maximum enjoyable and delightful longboarding experiences!

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