Why to Choose a Tesseract Longboard or skateboard?

For a geek “Tesseract” means an eight sided cube that exists in the fourth dimension or can be imagined as a blue magical cube in the Hollywood movie-Avengers. Among skateboarding and logboarding enthusiasts, “Tesseract” is an extra dimensional board, which is designed to be quiver killer and ready offer exceptional longboarding or skateboarding experience while enjoying slides, ollies and manuals. Tesseract longboard or skateboard has a composite construction with two vertically laminated bamboo cores sandwiched between fiberglass skins with a bottom layer of cork, which forms a unique deck. Having a composite design makes the Tesseract longboard or skateboard light in weight, compared to its size and thickness.

How Tesseract longboard or skateboard will prove effective?
Commuting in the City or Campus:

Being agile and light, the Tesseract longboard or skateboard is great for commuting on city streets or campus. Having 24.5 or 26 inch wheelbase, the Tesseract longboard or skateboard is perfect for getting around in the town with smooth sliding as well as incorporating ollies into your daily commute to work.

Long Distance Commuting:
This style of skating or longboarding is oftentimes enjoyed by variety of people, who loves for pushing long distances. For those people, Tesseract longboard or skateboard is the best option for enjoying long distance commuting with a comfortable feel.

Freestyle skating or longboarding is all about expression, which can be enjoyed with the Tesseract longboard or skateboard that offers its rider lot of options to have an exceptional experience. With superlight Tesseract longboard or skateboard, you will end up as a freestyle monster.

The Tesseract offers an excellent board for providing a comfortable and functional standing platform. By achieving a controlled and balanced standing, you can be progressive and more pronounced while zooming past on the roads or enjoying an exciting downhill.

What are the positive traits of Tesseract longboard or skateboard?
Symmetrical Rocker- Helps you in staying firmly planted in slides and offers confidence of enjoying a natural movement.
Wheel Well Flare- Flared wheel wells helps in increasing wheel clearance and creates smooth surface transitions to provide lateral and longitudinal support for your feet.

W Concave- Designed with W concave style, Tesseract enhances rider’s control in all toeside maneuvers.
Symmetrical Shape-Tesseract having a symmetrical outline shape will offer maximum functionality and versatility.
Tesseract designed with kicktails is considered best in providing an opportunity of enjoying freeride and freestyle.

Where to find top quality Tesseract online?
You will find as well as can buy Loaded Tesseract at Nordboards.com as per your requirement and can enjoy an exceptional longboarding or skateboarding experience. We are one of the leading & popular skateboarding and longboarding online stores, which have successfully attracted a huge number of skateboarding & longboarding enthusiasts.

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