Incite Change Essay Contest #1: Poverty

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My favourite “demic” is Aca

But the truth is offensive to people raised by lies

Please photoshop my picture

Before it’s seen by eyes

Lectured to by hypocrites

About sustainability

These people own eight cars, six bedrooms

Not planted one tree

Not content selling our time

We commoditise liberty

Justifying that our children won’t remember

What it was like to be free

Drink in all your attention

Eat up all your vaccines

Remember that the chosen death

Is one that we must shun

Life rich but money poor

Once an impossible dream

Now artsy culture writer types

Write poem-rants to…

A question for the Government’s Chief Medical Officer(s)

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Dear Unelected Ruler of Great Britain,

Much has been said of late about horses and stable doors. I’d like to take that same theme a little further with this letter.

After several lockdowns; it could be three, five, or just one really long one to be honest, an apparently incredibly-successful vaccination drive and some clapping, my pants — and indeed the pants of those close to me — remain, sadly, full of poo.

It is not surprising to me that CMO also stands for Chief Marketing Officer: y’all have done a fantastic job of those adverts what the Advertising Standards…

Really — Don’t Be

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Global Technocracy.

Totalitarian Nightmare.

The Great Reset; call it what you like, everyone’s talking about it, but nobody should fear it.

In a stunning example of “influencer marketing” the World Economic Forum’s Davos Meetings have managed to aggrandize and self-aggrandize to astronomical heights, attracting legendary egos such as Robert Downey Jr, Will.I.Am and more, along with business partners that include Barclays and the Bank of America.

Make no doubt about it, these people are rich and powerful, and they’ll dress smartly so you chow down on more of their lies. It’s a frightening display of ego…

What does it mean? It means you’re a bastard

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“To the person”

Something y’all better get used to if you plan to write online for the long-term is being called a bastard, or some variant of that word, even if your parents were happily enjoying wedlock when they spawned you.

Personal criticism in rhetoric is nothing new (the ancient Greeks were SUPER GOOD at it using it in their law courts: “You brush your teeth with Goat’s piss” is a personal favourite) and ever since a certain presidential oompa loompa roused demagoguery from its half-century sleep, politicking has been charged with emotive imagery and language, exemplified with gusto by…


Visions of a future

Read part 1 here

Breaking News: Trillionaire Philanthropist Tex Wessler Tragically Ends Consciousness After Claiming Immortality — the Herald has this exclusive scoop

Image Source: Author’s own

Writer’s note: the views in this article are not the writers own, but reflect the factual statements of The Herald of The Glorious Empire Of Britannica Reformed

Editor’s note: anyone found to disparage, refute or otherwise disagree with the content of this article will be tried for spreading dangerous misinformation under the Coronavirus Act of 2020

A disaster previously thought un-possible, the forbidden and recently illegal* but increasingly popular natural process of death has claimed one of Britannica’s brightest lights: Trillionaire Tex Wessler.

Passing peacefully in his sleep, the Wessler Estate has pledged to donate roughly…


Visions of a future

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In the same way there was no room left in my heart for the love I felt for my six children, and theirs too, there was not enough room on this planet to share any longer.

Why should we — we who have worked so hard to build our empires — share our lands with the filthy proles? The mouth-breathing mass of braying imbeciles?

Once presented with the opportunity to help solve this little issue for only 500 million USD I jumped at the chance.

Now though, as I view the footage from the sanatoriums, defaced to read “Department of…

Learn how to evolve

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Hi everyone,

I’m back!

After a period of fear and uncertainty this summer spent freelancing, writing and crying, I have returned to a career in data and am using my powers for good once more.

I’m very lucky in that I’ve been asked to create a course on navigating or pursuing a career in data during these uncertain times, and I’ve put my all into it.

I’d like to give you an overview of what the course is about today.

Before I get into the details, I would like to explain some decisions that we have taken; our goal with…

Fact or fiction? You tell me

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The year is 2023.

Hundreds of thousands of pubs, restaurants, cafes, and offices have been converted into luxury housing for the ultra-rich.

They stand, for the most part, empty.

A vicious new strand of a respiratory illness designated BOJ-20 has wiped out more than half the UK population, decimating the poor especially.

Unemployment, mental health issues, crime, and inflation are through the roof. Alcohol is now prohibitively expensive.

As a result of the BOJ Act 2022, the government and military have rushed in emergency powers, declaring a totalitarian police-state necessary to protect the affluent from the “dangerous underclasses.”

The resistance…

Interesting learnings from selling $1k of articles

Apart from the one person that messaged me going:

“Bruh, you don’t even have 1k followers!”

Most people who get in touch with me on Fiverr typically straight up ask me to write three or five articles for them. I just sold 10 to the same guy this weekend.

Alex Boast

Writer of British Ghost Stories now available in Paperback: Hire me to write your own posts on Fiverr:

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