Words by Tom Eagar
Photos by Haarala Hamilton

Like many great developments, geothermal energy in Iceland came about by chance. Back in 1907 a resourceful farmer had the bright idea to heat his home by collecting the steam from a hot spring that ran underneath it. He built a concrete pipe several meters long connecting the two, and in doing so, inadvertently became the first person to utilize Iceland’s geothermal properties for heating. By 1930, Iceland’s naturally occurring hot spring water was being used in Reykjavík to heat sixty houses, two schools, and the main hospital.

Skip forward to the…

Words by Michael Baxter
Images by Kosuke Okuda

Sushi is the quintessential Japanese dish even those most unacquainted with the Far Eastern island nation will have heard of. Salted and pickled fish and rice is wrapped in kombu kelp, dried bamboo sheath, fresh young sasa bamboo leaves and allowed to rest for a day, then sliced thickly with a knife so sharp that even the individual rice grains are cut in two. Wait, does this not ring a bell? Perhaps you are more familiar with the “new,” Tokyo-style nigiri sushi, served with soy sauce and wasabi, which emerged as the…

Photos by George Pahountis
Words by Zara Miller

Sitting in the passenger seat of George’s car, I looked out for house numbers as he drove slowly down the road with the bride’s address in his left hand. Pulling up outside a white block of flats, it soon became clear which was Helen’s: there was only one balcony decorated with huge red bows. The time was 4pm and these shiny, shiny ribbons were merely an indication of the shiny celebrations that were to unravel over the next 12 hours.

Walking into a room full of people you have never met before…

A Conversation with Toshiko Tanaka, Survivor of the Hiroshima Atomic Bombing.

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